Crochet Wire Petal Rose [Free Pattern + Video]

Craftsy Amore are going to show you how to crochet these beautiful and colorful roses. It may not be a surprise for you that the most symbolic and popular flower is a rose. Besides their elegance and beauty, people from all around the world believe that each breed of rose has it’s own history, mystery and meaning. We assign different kind of symbolic meanings to these plants and those meanings we often allude to in pictures, songs and writings. You can recognize various plants and flowers on the National Emblems of many countries and that is what makes roses so special. Incoming out of this, we decided to bring you some explanations of roses by their own colors_White rose means silence or innocence, secrecy, virtue, wistfulness, reverence and humility.

Crochet Rose Wire Petaled Rose Free Pattern

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How To Crochet Roses

These are some of the uncountable symbolic meanings of roses, you can search for more information and choose your yarn color for this gorgeous project according to them. But first, you should learn quite easy technique of these crocheted roses and we have brought to you everything necessary for it. Just watch a video tutorial and follow the instructions, as a result you will be able to make these gorgeous roses in any color you only wish. Our friendly blog wishes a best of luck to you, please enjoy your crochet time and do not forget to share your experience and opinion with other people.

Pink roses are as usual graceful and aristocratic.

Blue rose is a symbol of impossibility and expresses unreachable desires.

Yellow rose is a symbol of friendship, infidelity, intense emotion, apology, broken heart, jealousy,extreme betrayal and undying love.

Black rose brings death, hatred and farewell. rejuvenation or rebirth, while the dark pink rose demonstrate desire, passion, joy of life, youth and unlimited energy.

Video: Flowers Crochet


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